Tulsa #Mother Warns #Others After #Man #Tried To #Lure Son Into #Bathroom

TULSA, Oklahoma – A Green Country mother is urging other parents to talk to their children after police say a man tried to use a note to lure her son into a bathroom at the Tulsa Library.
Emily Turner said a stranger gave her 10-year-old son a note asking him to go to the bathroom with him. She said what happened to her son could happen to any child, anywhere.

“The writing was very child-like, and so I had the thought, ‘Did you write this? What is this, first? What is going on,’” Turner said.

The note says, “Come with me to the bathroom and if you behave and keep it a secret and don’t tell anybody I promise I will give you a dollar. Please keep this between me and you. I will be waiting over by the window behind you.”

“It was just so menacing,” Turner said. “It was just everything that you think of when you think of someone trying to lure your kid away.”

Turner said after her son gave her the note, she explained how serious the situation was and then asked what the man looked like and where he was.

“Once I had taken a few breaths I handed it over to the librarian who was there and she immediately reacted so well,” Turner said.

Turner went straight to the front desk and security found 19-year-old Darius Burch waiting outside.

Police say Turner’s son confirmed Burch gave him the note.

“We are really thankful that the child had been taught exactly what to do in a scary situation like this, and the mother reacted exactly the right way as well,” Detective Matt Arnold said.

Police say Burch told them he has sexual urges he can’t control. When asked how old he thought the child in the library was he said seven or eight years old.

Turner is urging parents to talk to their children because what happened to her son could happen to any child.

“You are identifying body parts correctly, and you are saying what okay touches are and what is not appropriate and that adults should never ask children to keep secrets,” she said.

Police say Burch also admitted to molesting a 6-year-old girl in Alabama.

Burch has been in Tulsa since December.