Two cops to be charged for rape, blackmail of college student Read more:

Two policemen are expected to be charged at the Magistrate’s Court here next Monday for the alleged rape and blackmail of a 19-year-old college student last Saturday.

The victim had claimed in her report that two policemen had caught her and her boyfriend having sex in a car in Kota Damansara on Jan 26 and later took advantage of her.

District police chief ACP Azmi Abu Kassif was quoted in The Star Online saying the victim claimed that one of the policemen then took her into the police vehicle while another drove her boyfriend to the police station in their car.

“The victim claimed that while in the police car, the policeman had asked her to give him RM2,000 to let her go. The victim agreed and the policeman dropped her and her boyfriend by the roadside. She said the policemen also took down her contact details,” said Azmi.

The victim claimed that on the same day, she received a call from the policeman who allegedly demanded payment of the bribe.

Azmi also told The Star Online the victim alleged that the policeman then drove her to a nearby mall, after picking her up from her hostel, and forced her to perform oral sex on him in his car.

“She said he later took her to a toilet in the mall and raped her. He said if she didn’t do as he asked, he would arrest her,” he said.

According to the victim’s report, the policeman did not stop there. The girl claimed he had been calling her up the past week to demand sex again.

“Upon receiving the report, we arrested the two policeman on Sunday.

Azmi promised swift and stern action if the allegations were proven true.