Two in East Ridge Charged with Child Abuse, Including Mother

East Ridge Police have arrested and charged a 39-year-old mother and another man with aggravated child abuse, after her daughter reported she had been abused to teachers at East Ridge High School.

An arrest report obtained by NewsChannel 9 from the arresting officer for East Ridge Police reads as follows:

“I responded to a delayed assault call at East Ridge High School on 12/07/15 and spoke with Juvenile 1. She stated her mother Micaela Paiz Tercero (suspect 1) has been abusive to her. She spoke some English and also used her teacher Maria Mora (witness 1) as Spanish translator. Juvenile 1 stated that on 12/01/15 Ms. Paiz Tercero got mad at her, heated up a knife on the stove and tried to burn Juvenile 1’s mouth with it. Juvenile 1 stated she told her mother “no”, but her mother grabbed her by the ponytail and burned Juvenile 1’s upper lip with the knife. She also stated her mother burned her hand. I observed burns on her lip and left hand. She also stated that Ms. Paiz Tercero beat her with a belt and hit her multiple times. I observed large bruises on the front of one leg, on one calf and on one forearm. She stated multiple times that she did not want to go home with her parents. Throughout the interview she appeared very upset and was crying. She also stated that on 12/06/15 Ms. Paiz Tercero got mad at her for losing her headband, and as a result she grabbed Juvenile 1’s left ear and scratched it. I observed a scar on the front and back of Juvenile 1’s ear. Pictures were taken of all injuries. Also on scene was Juvenile 1’s teacher Raven Cleveland (witness 2), TN Dept. of Children’s Services Office of Child Safety Investigator Keri Haynes and SRO Deputy Dale Lockhart. Ms. Cleveland stated she previously filed a complaint with the Office of Child Safety # 196730878 prior to school ending. Juvenile 1 also stated that her father Miguel Jacinto Lopez (suspect 2) knows about the abuse, and that he hits Juvenile 1 whenever Ms. Paiz Tercero tells him to. She also stated on 12/01/15 he got mad at her, and as a result he grabbed her and kicked her and threw her on the floor. She also stated her sister Juvenile 2 knows about the abuse, and has threatened to hit her if she were to call police about it. Juvenile 1 stated she is the only child who is subject to such treatment. Ms. Haynes requested that Ms. Paiz Tercero and her children come to the school to interview them. Juvenile 1 insisted that she not be in the same room as them. Her manner was consistent with being frightened of her mother. Another female teacher took Juvenile 1 to another classroom prior to Ms. Paiz Tercero’s arrival with her five younger children. Once Ms. Paiz Tercero arrived with her children she denied that she had caused any abuse, and her daughter Juvenile 2 denied it as well, stating that Juvenile 1 is lying. She stated the burns on Juvenile 1’s hand were an accident. Ms. Haynes interviewed four of the five children separately. After Ms. Haynes had spoken with Juvenile 1, it was agreed that the best course of action until Juvenile 1 turns 18 on 12/21/15 is for her grandfather Jose Jacinto Rafael to be given temporary care and control. Ms. Haynes stated she will meet with him the next day in an attempt to get temporary custody of Juvenile 1 or power of attorney. Ms. Paiz Tercero signed an IPA (Immediate Protection Agreement) stating Juvenile 1 will be staying with her grandfather for the immediate future, and that she and Mr. Jacinto Lopez are not allowed to contact Juvenile 1.”