Two People Were Spotted Riding On Top Of A Moving SkyTrain In BC In A ‘Stupid’ Stunt | #socialmedia | #children

Two people were seen riding on top of the SkyTrain in Richmond, B.C., and a photo of the pair in the dangerous situation is circulating on social media.

Facebook user Dee Farrugia took the photo of the duo and posted it in the group “Richmond Learns to Park and Drive.”

The poster said that they’d left work when they saw the train arrive at Landsdowne Station with the pair sitting on top of it.

“I have no idea how long they rode it but they were headed for waterfront. They’re lucky they didn’t fall and get killed,” Farrugia said.

Farrugia also said in the post that the people were not strapped down to the train with anything and were taking photos.

One person in the image appears to be holding a phone while sitting on top of the train.

According to Global News, transit police spokesperson Const. Mike Yake called the stunt “stupid” and said that the “Metro Vancouver Transit Police are aware of photos circulating on social media and are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident.”

Yake also said that anyone who is caught riding the train’s exterior is subject to a fine and could be criminally charged.

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