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UCT Exposed cyberbully guilty


The controversy around UCT Exposed, a blog that “named and shamed” students at the University of Cape Town, has ended in a student being sanctioned by a disciplinary tribunal, a spokesperson for the University told MyBroadband.

UCT Exposed made headlines during September 2013 when it outed a student as an “undercover racist”.

It also publicly revealed the marks of some students and made fun of them, and criticised the dress sense of other students.

Two post-graduate students, Kieran Duggan and David Horscroft, and an alumnus, Ben Steenhuisen, took it upon themselves to try and uncover the identity of the writer or writers behind UCT Exposed.

After conducting a sting operation, the trio published what they called “UCT Exposed, Exposed” on Facebook, linking one Qamran Tabo to the now infamous blog.

While it is understood that it was Tabo who appeared before the UCT disciplinary tribunal and plead guilty, the university declined to identify the student.

“The University of Cape Town’s student disciplinary tribunal recently dealt with a case involving allegations of a form of cyberbullying,” UCT said in an e-mailed statement to MyBroadband.

“A student pleaded guilty to charges and has been sanctioned,” UCT said. “Community service was part of the sanction.”

UCT said that no action is planned against Duggan, Horscroft, and Steenhuisen for linking the student in question to the UCT Exposed blog.

Duggan and Tabo were contacted for comment, but did not respond by the time of publication.

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