Unit 40 Board Of Education Meeting Held Yesterday, Last Meeting For Mark Doan | #Education

Effingham, IL-(Effingham Radio)- Retiring Superintendent Mark Doan attended his final Board of Education meeting yesterday. Andy Johnson takes over beginning July 1st.

As for the meeting, the amended budget was approved, and the Board heard from Jason Fox regarding the financial report, cafeteria report, Annual Library Service Report, and transportation request. These were all approved. Fox also gave updates on the South Side project, which is going well, and the ELC paint and carpet work is progressing on schedule. Projects at the junior high are also moving along. But he then said that the Central School pavement work is moving rather slowly due to the base crumbling underneath. East Side Preschool is also dealing with a lack of drainage that is slowing down the work there. Fox also mentioned that the turf field is moving as scheduled, and a new transformer is being installed to prevent any problems with not getting enough power.

The Board also heard why premiums were going up for insurance renewal for the district, which resulted from the recent claims: the damage done at South Side when a man drove a vehicle through the playground using someone else’s vehicle while uninsured, and the damage done behind the junior high when three vandals broke into school buses and tore up the vehicles. Health insurance premiums also went up due to COVID winding down and people no longer putting off elective services that they need.

Unit 40 also hired:

  • Kate Pagel as food service personnel
  • Carolyn Karnes as food service personnel
  • Kae Hoyt as extended school year occupational therapist assistant
  • Erica McNeely as English teacher
  • Chelsea Garcia as Second Language teacher
  •  Sonny Uptmor as bus driver
  • Amanda Probst as a nurse
  • Aspen Krietemeyer as paraprofessional
  • Catlyn Sawyer as paraprofessional
  • Sarah Ueleke as paraprofessional


  • Julie Flack as high school Student Council sponsor
  • Rawle Persaud as custodian
  • Teresa Riley as custodian
  • Natalie Stortzum as junior high cheer coach
  • Marlene Ruholl as food service personnel


  • Kerri Krischel as paraprofessional


  • Norene Ault as freshman class sponsor
  • Jackie Haarmann as Pep Club sponsor
  • Megan Tylka as Student Council sponsor
  • Sidney Webster as high school assistant volleyball coach
  • Jeht Wendt as boys fresh/soph basketball coach
  • Jeff Tonn as volunteer boys basketball coach


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