University of Northern Colorado students to host tailgate to fight for action on climate change | #students | #parents

University of Northern Colorado students will participate in a worldwide youth-led campaign Saturday to urge action on climate change.

The campaign Choose Action Now (CAN) is an initiative led by Earth Guardians, a youth-run international environmental justice organization in partnership with and supported by organizations and companies. The goal of the Choose Action Now campaign is to show the world what people are doing to combat the climate crisis by highlighting, uplifting and empowering grassroots leaders to plan a day of action, according to an Earth Guardians news release.

The UNC students will host a Choose Action Now tailgate from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday during the football game. The students will collect signatures to send to city council members and UNC administrators asking they take immediate action on the climate crisis.

There are more than 75 Choose Action Now projects scheduled for Saturday in 22 countries on five continents, according to the UNC student release.

Events were scheduled for Nov. 12 to coincide with the Conference of Parties, the United Nations’ annual conference on climate change. This year’s conference is in Egypt.

“We wanted to create an initiative that anyone, anywhere can take part in during COP27,”
said Marlow Baines, CAN Campaign lead and Earth Guardians Youth Director in a news release. ” “We’ve waited 27 years, longer than my entire life span, and still no action by our world leaders. This
campaign is for everyone who is sick of waiting and ready for action.”

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