University Police to patrol more areas to help Chico Police | #College. | #Students

CHICO, Calif. – Chico Police Department and the University Police Department are working together to ensure better safety for the citizens in Chico.

“I think that is probably a good thing,” said Chico resident John Godman. “This area gets a little crazy sometimes.”

“It will definitely help keep our parks in better shape and keep our area safer,” said previous Chico resident Kyle Shaw.

The University Police Department will be stepping up and patrolling in more areas near the university to help Chico Police respond to more critical calls in other areas of Chico.

“Definitely would benefit the community to see the two law enforcement agencies collaborate and provide a higher-level support of service especially around the college campus,” said Chico Police Chief Matt Madden.

The University Police Department will assist more in areas around the Bidwell Amphitheater, along the creeks near the university and to the east along Lost Park behind 25 and 35 Main Street.

“I think it would reduce the amount of stress on the local PD and allow residents to enjoy this area without having to worry about crime or misbehavior,” said Shaw.

The City of Chico said implementing these changes will not cost them any extra money.

“If anything, it saves the city a substantial amount of money,” said Mayor Andrew Coolidge. “It allows us to provide a little better protection for the citizens in those various areas.”

Not only will this provide more safety for the community, Chief Madden said this will help the already short-staffed department.

The city will continue to discuss making this joint public safety agreement a written agreement at its next city council meeting on June 15.

At the city council meeting last night, the city allocated 70% of its general funds towards Chico Fire and the Chico Police Department.

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