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Por Marlen BorgesHavana, Jun 30 (Prensa Latina) At the age of 19, Barbara María Amaro never imagined that her incipient university life would take such a monumental turn and that she would be closer to make her dream of becoming an epidemiologist come true.

She, along with other thousands of young students of Medical Sciences, is living a situation of professional and spiritual growth during the face-to-face fight against Covid-19. With a notebook, protected with her facemask and wearing her white coat, the young student, who is in the first year of Hygiene and Epidemiology at the Finlay Albarrán Faculty, has been carrying out daily active surveys among the population since late March, going house by house, looking for patients with symptoms of the disease.Fever, dry cough, sneezing, headache and/or throat ache, runny nose, fatigue and body aches, among other symptoms, can appear in the presence of Covid-19, so it is essential to detect the suspected cases in an early stage and rule out the disease, above all due to its high levels of morbidity and mortality, and its easy contagion.

Fear of the virus is evident, says the young student, but she is committed to her responsibility to search possible Covid-19 cases, mainly among elderly people, the population group who is most vulnerable to the pandemic, which has challenged the entire world.

The majority of the population appreciates our work, above all the elderly who live alone, she added. They feel protected with our visits, express their concerns and at the same time we serve as ‘a bridge’ for their communication with the physicians from the family doctor’s offices.

According to Idalmis Miranda, a family doctor in Plaza de la Revolución municipality, in Havana, the surveys made by the medical students every day are highly valued, because they help to control and prevent contagions.

If a person shows symptoms of the disease, the students issue a report. We visit the home of that person, assess the symptoms and make a decision.

Bárbara María is proud of supporting the health personnel in this humanitarian work, and is aware that with her survey, she is also helping to save several lives.


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