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Updates as of Jan. 6 | #Education

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The Saratoga Springs City School District held a Board of Education meeting on Jan. 6 for several district-wide updates and a presentation from the Pupil Services Department. Watch the full meeting here: 

COVID Updates 

Superintendent Dr. Michael Patton spent some time updating board members and community members on the uptick in positive cases, especially within the county’s K-12 student group. 

As expected, there has been a surge in positive cases after holiday break for all residents in Saratoga County. Since Jan. 3, when students returned to school, there have been 113 confirmed positive cases between students and adults within the Saratoga Springs City School District. There are an additional 156 cases that were reported to the nurse but have yet to be confirmed by the county’s department of health. Only 6 to 8 of the cases involved sports teams. 

Patton didn’t give a number for how many in the district are in quarantine but said that “the number of quarantines is exponential.” 

County-wide there have been over 6,000 students and over 1,000 adults that have tested positive for COVID since returning from holiday break. 

The SSCSD is 100% committed to keeping schools open and safe; getting accurate updates out as soon as possible, and as not to overwhelm the community, as the CDC and New York State Department of Health is releasing new information almost daily. They are continuing the mitigation and health and safety protocols that have been in place for the past two years: replacing air filters frequently, encouraging and mandating consistent and proper mask use, arranging instructional spaces to encourage social distancing, and encouraging vaccinations and boosters. 

The district’s goal is to keep individuals showing symptoms at home, only to return to school or work when they are feeling healthy. One rapid test kit (two tests per box) is available for each student in the district (for more information visit After high demand, the district is also in the process of planning a booster clinic, which 12-17- year-olds are now eligible for.

SSCSD intended to put their “Test-To-Stay” protocols into place on Monday, Jan. 3 and Tuesday, Jan. 4. These protocols have been put on pause until the CDC updates their recommendations regarding Test-To-Stay. 

“Implementing Test-To-Stay will help reduce the loss of instructional needs for students who may have to go home and quarantine,” said Patton. 

Stay tuned to the district website for any updates and new information on SSCSD’s Test-To-Stay protocols. 

High School Presented With Gratitude Award

It was announced at the BOE meeting that the Saratoga Wilton Elks Lodge presented the Saratoga Springs High School counseling department and counselors with a $1,250 Gratitude Grant to purchase academic or personal hygiene supplies for students in need. The award will be officially announced this week, and there will be a presentation on the agenda for the next BOE meeting, scheduled for Jan. 18 at 7 p.m. 

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