Uplift Families: Family Quest Game for Parenting Conference | #parenting

Sharilee Griffiths joins Fresh Living to talk about a game that families can play in preparation for the upcoming Uplift families Televised conference which will be right here on KUTV channel 2 on September 19th at 6:00 P.M.

Sharilee says to search for the goosechase app in your app store. It’s available for both android and ios. Download the app and then search for Uplift Families Quest. Once you have connected to the game you will get a notification right to your phone as soon as it goes live. Click on the notification and it will put you straight into the game. Of course, you can always access the game by opening up the app as well.

There will be a list of missions for you to complete. These missions are designed to help you get prepared for the conference, get to know the speakers, and learn about other resources available on the Uplift Families webpage. After reading the mission details you will complete a simple ‘task’ and then provide evidence of completion either by answering a question or snapping a photo or video. Once the evidence is submitted you will earn points that are automatically tracked by the app.

Families can get connected right now and then they’ll get a notification as soon as it goes live so they can get started.

Prizes will be given out to those that complete the most missions and earn the most points!

More about Sharilee Griffiths

Sharilee Griffiths is the Executive Director and Founder of My Discovery Destination!, a new company focused on strengthening families and building character through providing lots of opportunities for FREE family fun. As such she gets to spend the majority of her day dreaming up ways for YOUR family to spend quality time together so that strong relationships can form and the important conversations can happen. When she isn’t focusing on creating fun new adventures for YOUR family, you’ll find her enjoying adventures with her husband Rick, their 8 children and 20 grandchildren, and 3 new little ones on the way!

For more information visit UpliftFamilies.org and MyDiscoveryDestination.com/UpliftFamilies.

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