‘He was so upset’ Mum hits back after bullies mock her son’s World Book Day outfit

A mother has hit back after cruel bullies mocked her son’s World Book Day costume.

Heartbroken Jodie Rose shared a picture of her son Preston in a Cat In The Hat costume, inspired by the Dr Seuss book of the same name, to the This Morning Facebook page, explaining that when the four year old had arrived at school, he’d been teased by children who were wearing superhero outfits instead of abiding by the more traditional rules of the day.

‘Here is my son Preston yesterday for #worldbookday as “Cat in the Hat” from his favourite book. Pity his day was ruined by bullies who teased him for being a character from an actual book, and not a “superhero” like most of the other boys went as,’ she wrote.

‘He was so upset, he took off his costume after being told he looked stupid, silly and his costume was garbage and stuffed it in his book bag for the rest of the day.’

‘My son is 4!!!! He loves the Dr Seuss books and chose this character himself, only to be shot down by children who parents allowed them to choose outfits of characters they obviously know from films… unless they allow 4 year olds to read DC/marvel comics (which I very much doubt) total point of world book day missed, and my son teased and builled in the process ‘

Jodie has since been inundated with sympathetic comments from other mums who have had similar experiences.

‘Jodie, he looks incredible! I had EXACTLY the same issue with my 4yo daughter yesterday, Arwen chose to go as the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland – because she didn’t go as a princess some of the girls teased her and she came home heart broken and told her Daddy that she never wanted to go to school again without him!’ a commenter empathised.

‘Took me 3days of solid sewing to make her costume & she looked incredible & loved it yday morning. By the afternoon she was so unhappy she didn’t even want to go to her after school club! :(. I think you did a brilliant job & Preston looks awesome. Xxx’

‘My 4 year old has gone as Cindy Lou Who. She asked “what if people laugh at me?”‘ another added. ‘Not really what a young child should have to worry about. Preston looks fab.’

One mum contributed to the debate by saying: ‘I think he looks great but my son went as captain America and no he doesn’t read marvel comics or dc comics but he has actual books with said “film” characters in.’

‘While I agree your son looks fantastic I must say all these comments putting down children that dressed as superheroes is ridiculous it’s no wonder some kids have the attitudes they have when a parents answer to bullying is to bully back ?’ a second wrote.

‘I have 4 sons one went as a member of men in black and the other 3 went as star wars characters, why… because they wanted to. It’s about taking part and having fun so what if the character is from TV. And for the record you can find books, annuals, magazines, comics etc of pretty much any tv character/superhero..’