US teen claimed she was abducted in a bid to get out of going to school | #childabductors

A US teen who reported her own “abduction” has admitted to police she made it up in a bid to avoid going to school.

The Ohio teenage girl called police on Friday morning to report she had been abducted.

She claimed a man had grabbed her at a bus stop but was able to escape.

The teen even gave police a description of the made-up abductor.

Police launched a man hunt before calling on the teenage girl to be interviewed with her mother present.

During her interview the teen came clean, admitting she made up the whole incident.

The fake incident escalated, with parents showing up to local bus stops with guns as a form of protection.

Police said the wrong person could have been arrested if they matched the false description.

“Our biggest concern was in this situation we were already seeing things on social media,” Sheriff Robert Radcliff said.

“People were going to the bus stop with guns trying to protect their children.

“They were looking for a black vehicle – someone that matched that description – and you know unfortunately the wrong person could’ve come along and been injured over something like this.”

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