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Princess Diana is the source of ‘smears’ I am accused of, claims Martin Bashir

Martin Bashir has told an inquiry that Princess Diana is to blame for the ‘smears’ he has been accused of peddling to secure his interview with her. It has been alleged that Mr Bashir told Princess Diana “preposterous lies” to secure his interview with her in 1995 that precipitated her divorce from Prince Charles. A series of bizarre claims reported to have been made by Mr Bashir were noted down by Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother at a meeting all three attended on Sep 19, 1995. However, The Telegraph has seen leaked documents that show Mr Bashir, currently the BBC’s religious affairs editor, is claiming that comments made at the meeting have been mistakenly attributed to him a quarter of a century on. It is the first evidence of Mr Bashir’s response to allegations that he cheated and lied his way to the ‘interview of the century’, broadcast on Panorama, in which Princess Diana disclosed details of her husband’s adultery. She famously told Bashir, then aged just 32 and an unknown reporter, that there were “three people” in their marriage. The emergence of Earl Spencer’s notes last November prompted the BBC to launch an internal inquiry presided over by Lord Dyson, the former Master of the Rolls, into the methods used by Mr Bashir to obtain the interview.

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