Uttar Pradesh government orders to scrutinise documents of all teachers in aided madarsas in the state after the Anamika Shukla scam | #teacher | #children | #kids

Soon after the Anamika Shukla scam was exposed in the Kasturba Gandhi School, the UP government has ordered that all the documents of the teachers from government schools and madarsas will have to be investigated properly. The office of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered to check the certificates of all the clerics of all the Arabic-Persian madrasas funded by the state government.

Director of Minority Department JP Singh has written a letter to Madarsa Education council RP Singh and has ordered to make a plan for checking 558 madarsas in the state.

In a move to fight against corruption, the Yogi government has now decided to take action against teachers whose strings are linked to the fake gang. Meanwhile, Mohsin Raza, Minister of Minority Affairs in the Yogi government has claimed that the appointments made in the madrasas of Uttar Pradesh will also be investigated.

He said that an action plan will be sent against the people who are getting jobs through fake documents in the madarsas. After the Anamika Shukla case came to light, the Yogi government will also be investigating the staff members present in all the schools of Uttar Pradesh.

Mohsin Raza also targeted the Samajwadi Party. He said that the Samajwadi party did massive corruption in Madarsas just for their vote bank and provided benefits to its closed ones. Those found guilty in the investigation will be punished. He also claimed that they have received a lot of complaints against those who are working in madarsas on the basis of fake documents. The state government will now check the service records of all the employees.

Since the Yogi Aditya Nath has taken over the power in UP, many steps have been taken for the bright future of students studying in madarsas. The recent step is also taken for the same purpose. Earlier, the Yogi government had announced to take steps towards the modernization of madarsas. They also announce that the government will also reward of 5000 rupees to talented students of madarsas for boosting their morale.

Apart from this, the UP government had also issued an advisory on higher education in Madarsa recently. According to the rule stated in the advisory, it was also decided that non-speakers of Urdu will also be able to teach in madrassas.

The Anamika Shukla Scam

In the Anamika Shukla scam, one teacher with that name was found to be employed in 25 schools at the same time and had drawn Rs 10 crore as salary in 13 months. The teacher was registered as employed with 25 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas in Amethi, Ambedkarnagar, Raebareli, Prayagraj, Aligarh and other districts in the state. Later during the probe, it was found that the real person named Anamika Shukla is an unemployed woman, and her documents were misused by someone to draw salary in her name from 25 schools. She had said that she had applied for KGB schools in several districts, but she never joined any school. The documents submitted by her while applying for the job were being misused.

It has been revealed that the real Anamika Shukla had cleared the eligibility test but could not join the job due to personal reasons. Her credentials were used by other women to get job in various KGB schools in UP. Several women working as teachers under the name Anamika Shukla has been arrested by UP police since the scam broke, and one Pushpendra, identified as the mastermind behind the scam, has also been arrested. His gang has reportedly given jobs to many other people in a similar fashion. Apart from Anamika Shukla, Police have also discovered multiple teachers with the same name and other details working in various schools, and are verifying the detail for all of them.

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