Vanderbilt Hate Crime Turns Out To Be Blind Girl’s Dog’s Poop

Campus racism is so hot right now all the pc bros and social justice warriors are out here denouncing everything. There are anti-racism protests everywhere. Of course most of them are based on fake racism allegations, but that doesn’t matter, bro, there are racists and what are you doing to stand up to them right now? They hate racism more than you, bro. You’re so racist you don’t even know how to spell patriarchy.

The latest school to trump up fake racism like Mizzou and try to get attention for it?

My own double alma mater, Vanderbilt University.

Motivated by the fake protest at Mizzou, Vandy decided they needed to have their own anti-racism protest. So a couple of hundred losers on campus showed up and denounced racism in a protest 99% of the campus paid no attention to. Because, you know, Vanderbilt isn’t racist. But whatever. That’s beside the point.

The day after the protest the protest group’s wet dream happened — there was poop in a black bag on the front steps of the black cultural center.