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It was Pink Shirt Day at Vavenby Elementary School on Feb. 28. All the students plus teacher Adam Forsyth wore something pink.

Grade 1 student Kelsey Rexin explained the meaning of pink day. She said, “It started with one boy. He woke up and said that he would wear a pink shirt to school. He wanted to see what would happen.

“When he got there everyone was picking on him. He felt really sad. One boy stood up for him and said, ‘No, no, no, he’s perfect the way he is.’ And that’s how Pink Shirt anti-bullying day started.”

Pink Shirt Day is a good lesson for everyone.

Kids have fun at skating parties

The skating parties at the outdoor rink are becoming almost a weekly event, the most recent one being on Saturday, Feb. 24. There was a large gathering, with approximately 25 children and 15 adults. The kids were having as much fun sliding down the snow banks as skating.

There are always free barbecued hot dogs to eat and hot chocolate to drink. Sometimes people donate other foods such as potato chips and Tim Bits. These are now community organized. Just go to the rink on a Saturday or Sunday around 12:30 and see if one is going on.

Spring Fling raises funds for school

The Spring Fling at the Vavenby Elementary School was held on Friday evening, Mar. 2. There were over 100 people in attendance.

The students had made the posters advertising the event and decorated the table coverings with a spring theme.

There were balloon flowers on the gym walls made by moms Kerry Klingbeil-Tutt and Katherine Chrystall.

Christina Fillion and Alison Weber opened the evening by welcoming everyone and gave thanks to Charlene Tobin for selling tickets at the post office and to everyone for all the silent auction donations.

Then everyone filled their plates with spaghetti, green salad, Caesar salad, and garlic toast. There were regular noodles and gluten free noodles, a meat sauce and a vegetarian one.

Coffee and ice tea plus lots of choices for dessert were also available. Everything was delicious.

When finished eating people went around bidding on the 70 different items being in a silent auction. Bidding was cut off at 7:30 and the winners were read out.

Approximately $1,500 was made on the auction. All the money raised will go towards more playground equipment for the school.

Delicious lunch at church

The community potluck luncheon at the Vavenby Christian Church was last held on Wednesday, Feb. 28. There was a smaller group of people, only 14, but the weather had not been good and there were other activities going on in Clearwater on the same day.

Colleen Rothwell made two delicious soups, a roasted broccoli cheddar one and a smoked sausage, cabbage, and potato soup. There was lots of other great food to go with the soups. The next potluck will be the last Wednesday in March from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Hopefully by then the snow will be going or, even better, be gone.

Students win ski medals

The Vavenby primary students did well in the cross-country ski races at Wiegele’s ski resort in Blue River on Wednesday, Feb. 21. The races were held in grade groups with boys versus boys and girls against girls. There were sometimes heats which were timed and the winners picked from the combined times.

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For the Grade 3 girls Moira Chrystall came first. Kelsey Rexin was first and Isabelle Stein second for the Grade 1 girls with Jacob Klingbeil-Tutt second for the Grade 1 boys.

All the Vavenby students had lots of practice as they cross-country ski on the school grounds at least twice a week. The Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) provided the equipment for the school.