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Video shows pistol-whip assault on Newburgh student | #students | #parents

WARNING: Video may be upsetting to some viewers

Police are investigating a disturbing assault on a student in Orange County in what appears to be a rise in school-related violence throughout the Hudson Valley.

While his peers recorded and jeered, Tane Gate’s 16-year-old son was pistol-whipped twice in the head last week – punched, kicked and allegedly robbed of his cellphone during a violent assault among students in Newburgh.

“My son is 105 pounds, so for him to have taken that beating the way he did, they could’ve killed him,” says Gates.

Tane says the beating happened after a verbal fight that day in school escalated on the way home.

“Threats were made … and no phone call home,” says Gates. “They didn’t think it was serious enough.”

City of Newburgh police are investigating the incident. It comes amid a rise in violence among students throughout the Hudson Valley, including a deadly stabbing at an Arlington football game in September.

Monroe-Woodbury moved its home football games this year from Friday nights to Saturday afternoons after a parent was arrested during another student fight.

This time, Gates says she should have been notified by administrators that there was a problem before the fight broke out and wants the district held accountable.

“Are these kids safe or are they not? Are they coming home the way they went to school or are we getting phone calls saying your child has been beaten and robbed and you have to find him in the streets of Newburgh?” asks Gates.

Gates’ son is a varsity athlete and was on the honor roll in 2019.

He’s now injured and sidelined – where his mother says he’ll stay until she’s sure of his safety in school.

A representative for Newburgh schools says the incident happened between current and former students after school and off grounds and that it remains under investigation.

The Newburgh school district released the following statement: The district contacted the City of Newburgh Police Department early last week as soon as we learned about an altercation that occurred after school, off school grounds between current and former students. An investigation was immediately opened by the district and information was shared with local authorities as appropriate. In addition, the district was in contact with the parents and has offered support services to the families. Unfortunately, there have been inaccurate accounts on social media of how the district has responded to this incident. The district may not share further information in order to support the integrity of the investigations and to protect student privacy. If any student would like to discuss concerns, develop strategies to manage their emotions, or engage in peer mediation, they should contact their school guidance counselor and/or grade level administrator. Parents and families can utilize these resources as well or

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