Violent crimes evident in Grand Jury indictments | #childabductors

By Linda Cicoira

     Violent crimes in Accomack County were evident in the list of indictments handed down by a recent grand jury. Records filed in Accomack Circuit Court earlier this month showed four murders, a strangulation, two abductions, sex crimes involving a child, three maiming incidents, and a robbery.

     Forty-one-year-old Kimiko Tenallie Dickerson, of Bishop Road, in New Church, was indicted on counts of arson and the murder of her uncle, 59-year-old poultry plant worker Delbert (Del) Eugene Dickerson, with whom she lived.

     The fire was discovered on April 15, by another occupant of the home, Lowrence (Roncy) Rue, Delbert Dickerson’s nephew. Court records stated Rue smelled smoke and went to investigate. When he opened the living room door, he was meet by heavy flames. At about the same time, Rue heard the victim yelling, ‘fire fire fire.’” Rue attempted to rescue his uncle but was pushed back by flames, the court file stated. He then ran to a neighbor’s house to call for help. The record stated the fire was made “by use of an explosive … in part of an occupied dwelling house.” Special Agent A. Warren, of the state police, investigated.

     In another case, 19-year-old Xzaviyor Snead, of Quail Lane, in Painter, was indicted on counts of premeditated murder of thirty-year-old David (Stone) Anthony McCain and use of a firearm in the crime, on June 15. The victim was a poultry plant worker whose goal was to get a food truck that would feature his chicken wings.

     Twenty-year-old Jaquan Rkese Jones, of Wise Court, in Accomac, was indicted on a count of robbery, larceny, and maliciously wounding Bert Like, on Feb. 17.

     Twenty-seven-year-old Joshua Michael Sorber, who was listed as homeless, was indicted on a count of maliciously wounding Victoria Leigh Overholt, on July 6.

     Thirty-two-year-old Korris Vontel Scarborough, of Lankford Highway, in Melfa, was indicted on a count of abducting Jadaisha Kelley, of Onley. Kelley told police, “Korris has put his hands on me and beat me multiple times … On May 5, he would not let me leave. He forced me to get into his car and threatened to beat me if I got out.”

     Fifty-one-year-old Kevin Lee Lovett, a veteran’s affairs worker, who lives in Stockton, Md., was indicted on a count of attempted malicious wounding of Randall Harris, of New Church, on June 13.

     Thirty-four-year-old Danny Chris Rasmussen III, with addresses of Bethel Church Road, in Mears, and Ambulance Road, in Oak Hall, was indicted on a count of strangling Ashby Rasmussen, on June 29. The record did not disclose their relationship.

      Russell C. Robbins Jr., age and address unavailable, was indicted on counts of forcible sodomy and aggravated sexual battery of a child under the age of 13, between 2016 and 2018.

     Nineteen-year-old Jacob Paxton Carl Watson, of Earleville, Md., was indicted on counts of rape and object sexual penetration that was alleged to have occurred at a house on Chincoteague in July.

     Thirty-year-old Keshaun Lamar Coston, of Pennyville Road, in Painter, was indicted on June 2, 2020 counts of eluding officer while driving more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, destruction of cemetery property, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of ammunition by a felon, possession of meth, and possession of a firearm while in possession of a controlled substance. He was arrested May 10.

     Forty-nine-year-old Christopher Antonio Smith, who was listed as homeless, was indicted for failing to register as a sex offender in June.

     Twenty-three-year-old William Andre Fairbanks, of Tom’s Cove, on Chincoteague, was indicted on counts of assault and battery of a Chincoteague police officer and attempting to escape custody, on July 4.

      Twenty-four-year-old Amanda Lynn Bare, of Nelsonia Road, in Bloxom, was indicted on a count of assault and battery of a state trooper, on March 28.

     The other two murders were reported in a separate story on Shore Daily News.


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