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CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Viral Blockers, Inc. a leading US supplier of sneeze guards, acrylic cubicle extenders and custom acrylic partitions provides custom sneeze guards to Belmont University– the university hosting the final presidential debate.

Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee has been a leader in protecting its students and faculty since the beginning of pandemic by ordering various sizes of the popular sneeze guards sold on their web site 

Since the beginning of the pandemic Viral Blockers has been ready for our customers with sneeze guards of all sizes. Sneeze guards protect both employees and visitors by providing a reliable barrier so people don’t get too close to each other avoiding the transmission of the Corona virus. Sneeze Guards protect against coughing and sneezing droplets in areas where social distancing is limited like counters, desk, and retail checkouts. The Centers for Disease Control had recommended that in addition to wearing masks, sneeze guards and partitions should be part of the social distancing protocol.

Some of our largest customers since the beginning of the pandemic have been universities and public-school systems. The typical school will place a sneeze guard on every teacher desk, and in all the administrator’s offices. 

Eric Siversen, president of Viral Blockers has been on the front lines since day one. “Since March we have been shipping out sneeze guards all over the country. Some companies using our products include, Intel, The Hampton Inn chain, Baltimore Ravens, United Way, The University of Central Florida, Texas A&M, The US Airforce, Westminster College, Greenberg Traurig, Turkish Air, Harvard University, Citrix, Marriott Chain, and countless business, and public-school systems throughout the country.  As long as our customers need us we will continue to manufacture and ship acrylic sneeze guards and acrylic products.”

After the recent Vice-Presidential debate with Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, Acrylic sneeze guards were used to form an additional layer of protection between the candidates. We are excited to see how they will be used tonight whether on the main stage or not, as President Trump was recently diagnosed with Covid-19 and has now recovered.

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