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Coronavirus cases among students and staff in schools locally and statewide have dropped over the last month, and that’s good news with the elementary and middle schools opening in April and high schools scheduled to get back to full-time, in-person learning on May 17.

In Attleboro, the number of new cases fell from 77 in March to 55 in April, a decline of 28 percent.

Out of that number, 54 cases were among the student population of roughly 6,000 and one was among the staff population of about 700.

Only one case was contracted in school, according to the school department.

For the week ending April 30 there were 18 cases reported in Attleboro schools, but that number actually covers two weeks including spring vacation week.

For the week ending April 16, school officials reported 12 cases.

So far this school year only two of the 486 cases reported by school officials have been contracted in the schools themselves.

All others have been contracted outside of school.

The worst month for coronavirus cases in Attleboro schools so far was in December when 112 cases were recorded.

The best month was September when just 13 cases were reported.

That was not a surprise however after a steep drop in cases locally and statewide during the summer months when the lowest weekly total of 1,015 was recorded in the week ending July 4.

In The Sun Chronicle coverage area, the district with the most cases for the week ending April 28, according to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, was Foxboro with 11, all among students.

DESE only records the cases among those students and staff members who were in a school at one point during the period under review.

As with Attleboro, the DESE numbers cover a two-week period.

Mansfield had the second highest total with five and Attleboro was third with four.

All told there were just 27 total cases in 13 area districts.

That’s a reduction of seven from the week ending April 14, or 20 percent.

Out of the 27 cases, 24 were among students and three were among staff members.

Statewide, for the week ending April 14 DESE reported 1,279 students and staff members had contracted the virus.

For the week ending April 28 the number of new cases had declined to 812 which is a drop of 467 cases or 36 percent.

Out of the 812, 94 or 11 percent were staff members.

Those numbers seem to follow the decline in the number of cases in the general population.

For the week ending May 1 the state’s Department of Public Health reported a total of 7,668 new cases of the virus statewide which was down from the 12,152 reported for the week ending April 17.

That’s a reduction of 4,484 case or 37 percent over that two-week period.

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