WA police hunt for predator after attempted child abduction

150615_stw_predator4Police are searching for a child predator after an eight-year-old was taken from the backyard of his Perth home.

The boy was eating breakfast at about 7am this morning when a man jumped the fence, covered his mouth and dragged him away.

The boy’s parents were just metres away inside the home, but unaware the attack was taking place.

Witness Charmaine White found the eight-year-old lying in the middle of the road in the foetal position after running from his attacker.

“He said ‘a man tried to take me from my backyard’ and that was when I asked him to slow down and tell the story again,” Mrs White told 9NEWS.

“A man had come over the wall and grabbed him from behind and placed his hand over his mouth and he showed me.

“This is every parent’s nightmare and my primary concern was for the safety of the child.”

Police say a man got over the patio fence – the child playing in the backyard was gagged and dragged back over the wall.

Mrs White says she saw the young victim running barefoot in his pyjamas more than two blocks down Modillian Avenue, before eventually hiding behind a retaining wall.

He then took off toward Leach Highway on Barbican Street.

When she finally caught up to the little boy she says he had collapsed on a median strip, clearly in shock he explained what had happened, and gave her his fathers mobile number which he’d memorised.

The eight-year-old reunited with his distraught parents soon after.

“Naturally they were beside themselves and we were too – it was very, very emotional,” Mrs White said.

Police said the boy had done all the right things considering the situation.

“He’s managed to break free, he was smart enough to run away and seek assistance from members of the public,” Acting Inspector Ray Horne said.

It is understood the boys mother was helping her wheelchair-bound partner in the home when the child was grabbed.

Today neighbouring families were reeling – keeping their children close by.

Police are asking the public for assistance in tracking down the offender, and for neighbours to review any home CCTV footage they may have.

The man is described as 175cm tall, between 20-30 years old, an orange spray tan and was wearing a black hoodie at the time of the incident.

Source: Nine News.au