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Walmart will host COVID-19 vaccine clinics at Hanover Area High School starting this week, the school district superintendent confirmed on Saturday.

The state Department of Health recently posted a file on its COVID-19 vaccine distribution page listing shipments of the vaccine manufactured by Pfizer for the week of March 1, and the list of shipments included 1,170 doses for Walmart for a clinic at the high school.

Hanover Area Superintendent Nathan Barrett on Saturday said the first three clinics are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with three more set for March 30 through April 1.

Barrett said Walmart representatives told him they wanted a centralized location that’s handicap-accessible, and they would release a toll-free number to schedule a vaccination in an effort to assist members of an older population who qualify for a vaccination during Phase 1A of the state’s rollout but who might not be technologically savvy to do so online via computer.

He expects that the retail giant, which has pharmacies in most stores, will issue a press release with more details sometime this weekend.

Barrett said he wants to advertise the clinics on the school district website after the press release is issued.

Barrett said there would be “a clear separation of folks coming into the building for the clinics and our student body.”

“We have security measures in place to make sure they’re in and out a side door, with a specific entrance and exit,” Barrett said.

Hanover Area will be operating on a hybrid schedule, with half the student population in school and half the population doing distance learning on an alternating basis. Students with specialized needs returned to school buildings on March 1, sixth grade and pre-kindergarten will return on March 15, and kindergarten through 12th grade will return by March 22, Barrett said.

Walmart held a similar clinic in neighboring Schuylkill County inside the Fairlane Village Mall in Pottsville from Feb. 24-26.

According to a press release Walmart sent to the Pottsville Republican-Herald, a Times Shamrock newspaper, the company is holding vaccine events in locations that prioritize access for those deemed most vulnerable, as well as operational capabilities.

“The team factored in demographic information, local health needs, staffing and medically underserved data to identify initial locations where the company thinks it can make the greatest impact in increasing vaccine access,” Walmart said in that press release.

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