WATCH: J’can fathers speak about parenting, aim to change stigma | #parenting

Sunday will be celebrated as Father’s Day, which is the day set aside each year for male parents, to be feted and pampered by their children, wives, or partners as a way to show appreciation. 

It is often said that fathers in many instances are the ones who instill principles and guidelines for children and enforce the rules of the household or on their child(ren), which oftentimes means they are seen as the disciplinarians.

The traditional role of fathers sees them as the foundation on which many families are built, as they are the protectors, providers, and just being there in whatever role they are needed, which include being the handyman, fixer of the house, and the rough and tumble playmate for the children.

Recently, members of the non-profit organisation, Gentlemen of Kingston, walked through the streets of Half-Way Tree, in a flash mob as one of the entity’s first initiatives to change what it believes is the negative stigma attached to Jamaican men.

The event lasted for approximately 30 minutes during which they journeyed from Tropical Plaza to the Half-Way Tree Transportation Centre, the group members also stopped and integrated with the public.

The men who were dapperly dressed said they also wanted to change the appearance of what is considered manly.

Loop News took the opportunity to quiz some of the members: What did your father do that inspired or shaped how you live today? They were also asked: What does it mean to be a father?

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