WATCH | Shocking video footage of Pietermaritzburg pupils fighting with ‘taxi drivers’ | #students | #parents

Disturbing video footage of Linpark High School pupils fighting with “taxi drivers” outside the Pietermaritzburg school has been widely shared on social networks.

The ward councillor in the area, Ross Strachan, told The Witness that the incident happened on Tuesday afternoon and that the conflict was between Linpark pupils and taxi drivers over a pupil who attends the school.

“The brother [who is a matric pupil at the school] of this girl confronted the taxi driver and then it turned into a brawl,” said Strachan.

He said the guns carried by the taxi drivers, were disposed of when the police arrived. Strachan said an investigation is underway, and a statement will be made by the school.

Attempts to get comment from the school has been unsuccessful thus far, but KwaZulu-Natal’s Education spokesperson, Muzi Mahlambi, said the department was aware of the incident and they have seen the video footage.

Mahlambi said they were still waiting for a report from the school.

In the videos, several groups of male pupils in their school uniforms are seen attacking at least two men on the road outside Linpark. A schoolgirl is heard screaming, ‘Hit him, hit him! Why are you dating a child?”

In other videos, some adults wearing civilian clothes are seen trying to break up the fights by pulling people off one another.

The videos have been shared by several people on Facebook and many Pietermaritzburg residents said the incident was worrying.

Shaheen Suleiman of Magma security told The Witness that some Magma security guards, who were in the area when the fights were happening, helped break up the fights.

The Witness is still waiting for comment from the police on this matter.

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