Watch Shocking Video of Kids Strangling and Choking Game Teenagers are posting videos online showing them playing dangerous fainting and choking games to g…


25 thoughts on “Watch Shocking Video of Kids Strangling and Choking Game

  1. madisontorres1999

    theres no point……..of having a breif highness it will just fade. Thats
    something i will never do!

  2. Brokenlez6989

    This is not hilarious! This is not a GAME! It will end up taking your life!
    Awareness needs to be made! It needs to be understood! Pleas lets save the
    children! R.I.P. Andrea!

  3. Annie Heartsong

    I agree this is bad, but it should not be confused with hyperventilation.
    Cutting off bloodflow to your brain is just stupid. Hyperventilation is
    extra oxygen to your whole body. Both the “choking game” and the confusion
    between it and hyperventilation can be stopped by…. um…. what was
    it…. THINKING!

  4. idontgiveashit0930

    Is this “game” depriving oxygen to the “players” brain by constraining the
    arteries in the throat simply(in this case you can still breathe) or by
    completely depriving oxygen to the body? ie complete strangulation. If its
    the latter…i dont see how the kids are playing because strangulation to
    the point of blocking the airway entirely can be excrutiatingly painful…i
    dont get it. Is the “high” worth enough to go through the pain?

  5. Skeletonwitharaygun

    @NissyIsTheShit Obviously. You’re fucking retarded.. It’s apparent that you
    are seriously lacking a sense of humor. And you appear to have a problem
    with reading comprehension. Now…go back and read my post again…think to
    yourself “Is he serious?” If you’re still having trouble…I seriously
    suggest enrolling in some kind of night school or something. Good day to

  6. Jodie Martin

    This really is something that needs to be talked about world wide! I am 31
    and just now finding out how dangerous it is! I played this game as a pre
    teen and had no one to tell me it was dangerous and what the result could
    have been! I am thankfull nothing happened to me or my friends, we were
    very lucky!

  7. ugayasian

    I remember some chick doing this to me but this was back before I knew I
    could die? It wasn’t really that great of a feeling and I wasn’t shooting
    for the high, was jut curious.

  8. nick88999

    @TheByakugansharingan uuh plumbers make lots of money, prob more then u’ll
    ever make u ignorant fuck.

  9. TheJasmine131

    I’ve played this game just to freak ppl out I personally am okay with it
    just don’t do it by urself or with a dumb person I’m a girl but this game
    rly shouldn’t be played by girls I just started playing by acident one
    day…:) but seriously stupid game don’t play it.;)