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Ways To Protect Your Children From Sexual Perversion

OFER, WEST BANK - APRIL 17: The relative of a Palestinian prisoner holds onto the fence of a waiting compound as she waits to be called to see her incarcerated family member during his hearing in the Israel military court April 17, 2007 at the Ofer army base on the outskirts of the Palestinian city of Ramallah in the West Bank. Palestinians have demanded that 1,400 prisoners be released by Israel in exchange for kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. An estimated 11,000 Palestinians are currently being held in Israeli prisons, amongst them 120 women and around 400 children. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

It is obscene watching various videos shared on social media about children being molested by pedophiles.  The victims here are the children; innocent young ones. Therefore it is the sole responsibility of the parents to watch out for things and people that may want to steal their children’s innocence from them and leave them with scars. It should be known that not all abuse end in penetration. It is an abuse when a child’s private part is being fondled and touched by other people.

It also becomes an abuse when a child is made to caress some older person’s private parts. Parents shouldn’t wait for the children to get hurt physically before they start to take measures that address this perversion. It goes a long way into the child’s psychology. They become emotionally disturbed, feel violated and if not helped could start spreading the illicit act amongst their peers; doing to others what have been done to them.

On this note, the following steps could help protect our children and reduce the spread of this epidemic trend in the society.

1. Avoid Delegating Their Affairs To Other People

Parents should learn to do things for their children themselves. Avoid putting other people in charge. This may seem impossible for working parents but then every parent knows raising kids isn’t easy. From studies and other people’s experiences, about 80% of the predators who abuse the kids are family members and people they are familiar with. It is shocking that an aunt or uncle who probably helped change their diapers is doing disgusting things to them behind you.

2. Educate Them As Soon As You Can

Unlike in the past when talking about sex and sex related issues was a taboo in most homes, the world has changed and parents are starting to take the initiative in such matters. As soon as a child learns to speak and express herself, you should educate her on these things. Proper naming of body parts should be done. Every child should also be taught to defend themselves when they are being molested. Making them know the parts of their bodies that shouldn’t be touched would help them a great deal.

3. Be Friendly

Let your children see you as a friend so they would be able to come to you with their worries and problems. Children are sensitive; they have the ability to sense hostility. When this happens, fear creeps in and they may not be able to confide in you. Play with them, reassure them of your love and chip educative tips on sex. Overtime you gain their trust.

4. Same Sex in Same Room

Once the children have an understanding of rules and can clearly express themselves, it is important for their rooms to be separated. Avoid putting children of different sex in the same room. Talk to them about their body parts; let them know it is a taboo for them to touch their sisters or brothers’ private parts. Private parts are meant to be private. Most abused children look for someone to practice with; the unlucky partner most times turns out to be their siblings.

5. Avoid Having Them Sit On People’s Laps

One could never tell the kind of things that runs through other people’s minds when a child is placed on their laps. Once your children can walk and run round, do not let them sit on people’s laps. Some perverts derive pleasure from making kids sit on their legs.

6. Avoid Leaving Them Unguided

Children shouldn’t be sent out without a chaperone. Avoid sending them on errands to other people’s houses alone. Watch out for their moods. Talk to them about strangers; establish a relationship in which there are no secrets.


7. Screen What They Watch

Almost every advert shown on websites portrays nudity. Pornography lures them into a dark world. They form habits they find difficult to leave later in life. As impossible as it is for one to completely monitor a child’s activities, one could only try as parents to set them on their right course. Share people’s experiences with them. This would help them see promiscuity as being abnormal instead of embracing it.  Pray for them even as you work towards making them safe.



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