‘We just do what we can the best way we know how’ │ GMA News Online | #parenting

Saab Magalona doesn’t succumb to the pressures of being a “perfect parent.” Instead, she does her best to care for her sons in the best way she knows that will also keep her sanity in check.

On Instagram Monday, the mother of two shared a video of herself in a Zoom meeting while her youngest was enjoying his screen time with headphones on.

“Ideally we’re always well-prepared with activities to keep the kids entertained while we work, but sometimes you just have to pop some headphones on them and give ‘em some screen time so you can keep your sanity,” Saab wrote in the caption with a laughing emoji.

“Walang perfect na parents, we just do what we can the best way we know how,” she added with a sparkling pink heart emoji.

Saab married Cheats vocalist Jim Bacarro in 2015. They have two adorable sons, Pancho and Vito. — LA, GMA News



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