West Seattle Blog… | YOU CAN HELP! West Seattle student ready to wrap multi-installment marathon to fight inequality | #students | #parents

The photo and invitation are from proud mom Genya Scharks:

Tomorrow, July 16th, at 4 PM at Hiawatha Park track, our son Ian Scharks will complete the last 1.2 miles of his one-mile-a-day marathon walk to raise money for Black Lives Matter. We are inviting friends, wearing masks and physically spaced, to come cheer him on for the finish of his marathon.

He has raised $9,581 toward his $10,400 goal. He will be a 6th grader at Pathfinder K-8. He has cerebral palsy and autism and started walking with crutches last school year. Previously he used a walker or wheelchair. In March he was able to walk one lap with his crutches, but now is completing one mile, or 4 laps, each day.

In addition to showing up tomorrow to cheer for Ian, you can also donate to his fundraiser – go here. On that page, Ian explains, “I am inspired by Capt. Tom Moore and Tobias Weller in England, both who raised money by walking with assistive devices. I want to make a difference about the inequality Black people face in our nation.”

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