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Once again, Father’s Day has come and gone with nary a card from my “kids” for the guy who provides a good, nice home, expensive nutritional food and fresh water with ice cubes during the summer months. And, lest I forget, there’s all the meds and grooming expenses, trips to the vet, collars and leashes, regular treats, and sometimes the best-ever four-legged treat . . . ice cream! Even the cats are very fond of vanilla.

I guess the wagging tails and happy dances from the dogs, and head butts from the cats are a much better show of affection than a Hallmark card. I shouldn’t complain . . . after all, it’s my conclusion that it is their house and we are merely temporary guests!

This weekend will be busy as my great niece, Kaylor Cox, and her boyfriend, Alex Smith, roll in from Nashville to play for a gig at York Country Club Saturday evening from 7:30 – 11 p.m. Alex is regular with his band, The Mobile Homeboys, at Blake Shelton’s Ole Red’s Bar in downtown Nashville. We are very excited and proud to have both of them back in York.

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We always have to give Alex a bad time, because at brother-in-law Tom Cox’s celebration of life, Alex played and sang two special songs chosen by Susan. They were so beautiful and moving that he had at least four people seriously ask if he would sing at their funerals. Nothing like planning ahead. He has a new career right here in the York area doing funeral gigs!

The hail storms of the last couple of weeks have wreaked havoc with farmers and home owners in the York County area. I was worried about two and four-legged garden predators earlier, but now, there isn’t too much to be concerned with. Plus, I can’t even try to compare my losses with the corn and bean farmers . . . theirs is livelihood and mine is recreation. The loss of a few pumpkins and melons by Mother Nature is not going to cause me any stress, but it might for those who were looking forward to helping themselves as usual this summer!

York County community events kick off this weekend with the annual Waco Days 2022 celebration. Friday events include: pitch tournament and gizzard fry at Hunter’s Lounge. Saturday: Hot dog feed at the Waco Fire Department, kids’ water fight at the Waco Fire Department, kids’ fun with bounce houses and petting zoo at Wellman Park and a cornhole tournament at Hunter’s Beer Garden. Sunday: Polka Party at Hunter’s Beer Garden. Come one, come all!

Firecracker Frenzy 2022 is just around the corner and donations are being accepted at the Chamber Office and at 26 collection boxes scattered around York-area businesses. Give a buck and make it happen on July 3 at the York County Fairgrounds . . . one of mid-Nebraska’s biggest and best displays!

The Circus is coming to town after a 15-year absence. On July 17, the Great Combined Culpepper & Meriweather Circus will be performing two shows, at 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the York County Fairgrounds in the lot just across the street from the Cornerstone Ag Event Center. The Chamber has advance tickets for sale at its office: $12 for adults and $7 for seniors and children. This is being sponsored by the York Chamber of Commerce.

The York County Visitors Bureau might just be looking at re-visiting one of our more fun and attention-getting promotions from a few years back with a bit of a twist. Because of the high price of gas this summer, my board chair, Sally Ruben, and I have a fun idea in the making. More on this in the next few weeks!

June 24-26 — Waco Days – Waco Citywide

June 25 — Alex Smith and Kaylor Cox Concert – York Country Club 7:30 – 11 p.m.

June 28 — Henderson Farmer’s Market – Downtown City Park

June 31 — York Farmer’s Market – Kilgore Memorial Library

July 1-31 — Celebrating Veteran with free admission – Wessels living History Farm

July 3 — Annual Firecracker Frenzy – York County Fairgrounds

July 5 — Henderson Farmer’s Market – Downtown City Park

July 7 — York Farmer’s Market – Kilgore Memorial Library

July 8-10 — Henderson Community Days – Citywide

July 9 — Henderson Community Day’s Pancake Breakfast – Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park 6:30 -9:30 a.m.

July 12 — Henderson Farmer’s Market – Downtown City Park

July 14 — York Farmer’s Market – Kilgore Memorial Library

July 15-16 — Balloon Days – Citywide

July 16 — Sidewalk Sales/ESI Sale Day – Downtown York

July 16 — Transportation Exploration – Holthus Convention Center

July 17 — The Great Combined Culpepper & Meriweather Circus – York County Fairgrounds

July 18 — “From Long Hope to Henderson” Our Early Town and Business Luncheon & Presentation – Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park

July 19 — Henderson Farmer’s Market – Downtown City Park

July 21 — York Farmer’s Market – Kilgore Memorial Library

July 28-30 — York University Work Days – York College Campus

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