What is Teen Mom? CBB’s Farrah’s 16 & Pregnant episode recapped

But what was she like before fame?

There have been references on the show to her time as a Teen Mom and being a young mother to daughter Sophia, now six, but no explanation really of what the show is or why it propelled her to stardom. And what she was like before fame?

So we’ve recapped it for you!

It wasn’t actually MTV’s Teen Mom that made Farrah a star, it was its prequel 16 and Pregnant, a groundbreaking MTV documentary that followed pregnant teens across America as they came to terms with being a young parent.

While some teens like Farrah had their baby, others like Catelynn Baltierra (nee Lowell) made the difficult decision to place their child for adoption. Farrah was the subject of episode two. In the days before stardom, plastic surgery and red carpets, she was the girl next door, a cheerleader from a town in Iowa who fell pregnant at 17.

She explains her situation at the start of the episode, saying: “My name is Farrah. I live in Council Bluffs, Iowa, smack in the Midwest but I’m anything but a small town girl. I have big dreams and I plan on making them happen. Right now, I’m a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School and I’m a cheerleader. I’m super busy all the time, juggling work, school and cheers. The only problem is I crashed my car so I have to rely on my mum, dad and sister to drive me around. Because I’m a cheerleader, I have to stay in shape which is fine, because I love working out. Even though right now I’m still a size 2, I won’t be for long, because I’m pregnant.”

She initially decided not to tell her ex-boyfriend at the time, Derek Underwood, about the baby, saying: “I broke up with him because he’s way too jealous and immature.” He finds out in the episode after gossip starts spreading around the high school.

Sadly, just before Sophia’s birth, her ex was killed in a car accident.

In the episode, we saw Farrah breaking the pregnancy news to friends (who weren’t surprised as one of her close friends had already blabbed.) Her mum advised her to walk with “integrity”, while her dad warned her: “You’re at the start of your pregnancy and it’s novel but there is still responsibility.”

We saw her mum advise Farrah to think about adoption, with Farrah replying: “Four months ago my biggest worry was what I was going to wear to prom and now I have the most important decision of my life to make.”

She decides to keep the baby, although her mum warns that it’s hard having a baby, let alone being a teenager, not having a qualification and not having a job.

After making the decision, Farrah’s subject to “awkward stares” and giggles at school, as well as finding out her former close friends have been talking about her behind her back.

“I don’t care what they think about me,” she declares, echoing what she said in the CBB house this week about not caring if she’s the most unpopular housemate. However, it later becomes “unbearable” and she withdraws from high school to finish her studies at a local college.

We also hear Farrah telling her mum she plans on snapping back into shape after the birth, but her mum warning: “You may plan that but it’s not always how it goes.”

Ahead of the birth, we learn that Farrah’s never held a baby before but she’s hoping her mum will help. She finds out it is a baby girl and plans to call her Sophia. Her waters break while she’s in bed at night. We follow her as she heads to the hospital. Unfortunately, her dad is out of town for work, and her sister is sick, meaning they can’t be there.

During labour, Farrah tells the medical team: “I’m so sorry everybody has to look at my crotch right now!” The midwife replies: “Modesty tends to go out the window.”

After the birth, cameras follow Farrah every day at home as she adjusts to being a young mum. She mentions frequently that she’s never been more tired in her life and needs sleep.

“I was so excited when we got Sophia home but I had no idea it was going to be this much work. My mum was right, it’s exhausting. Over the past three days everything has been about Sophia, I’ve started to wonder if I’m ever going to get any sleep at all. When I thought about pulling an all-nighter for my senior year, I thought parties, proms and studying for finals. Now it means something completely different.”

As well as caring for Sophia and the exhaustion of that, Farrah learns how difficult it is being stuck at home with no car or transportation, as well as seeing friends continuing their lives, going out and having fun. She has to juggle caring for Sophia with homework and sleep-deprivation, as well as a strained relationship with her mum, who she feels isn’t helping enough with Sophia. At one point, a tearful Farrah demands her mum stop the car so she can get out and wait for another ride.

It’s clear from the episode that motherhood is more challenging than Farrah had anticipated, but her daughter is the most important person in the world to her. She changes massively from the popular cheerleader at the start, to the stay-at-home mum up all night with her baby at the end.

As she says: “It’s been a hard year but a good year. I’m fortunate my family is behind me even though we’re not the greatest family ever. We still have love. I think it’s important to find a male figure to be in the baby’s life. I don’t know what the future has for me and Sophia but everything I went through, I wouldn’t take any of that back. She’s made me a better person. I am changing. I am more indpeendnet and I need to learn things for myself. I want to be a mum who will teach her to love the right way, teach her to know what’s a good relationship and a bad relationship. I want to teach her all the right things to help her out in her life so I’m not around she will know better.”

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