What scares Pa. teens about climate change and how do they want to fight back, a year after massive global protests? | #socialmedia | #children

To provide ourselves and our futures a fighting chance, we first need to acknowledge the situation. We need leaders ready and willing to speak on the matter, in every sector of society — brave enough to reevaluate systems, like transportation’s dependence on fossil fuels, that change our climate. We need more people who prioritize sustainability and preservation in their fields, because that ultimately equals prioritizing human life. We need more people in positions of power to have a conservation mind-set, and see the value in passing down our land in a better condition than how we received it. With the intellect, technology, and resources we have, I see no reason to expect anything less from the people meant to lead us. It is so important that they work on uniting our attention toward this common threat, because divided is how we fall.

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