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Yakima, WA – Last night two young girls ran away from home in Yakima, 11-year-old Krissy Kroeger and 13-year-old Makayla Parsons. Fortunately, the girls were found safe this afternoon at an apartment complex near Kiwanis Park, but unlike them, many other runaway kids aren’t found right away.

The city of Yakima had about 100 runaways in 2020. While kids and teens run away for many different reasons, there are things concerned parents can do to help the search for their children.

According to Sergeant Jacob Lancaster from the Yakima Police Department, parents should keep looking for their children along with the police.

“They know their children better than the police do so they know who their friends are, where they like to hang out, things like that,” Lancaster said.

When searching for missing children or teens, police go off the information parents can give them. This could be descriptions of what they were wearing, pictures and areas where they like to spend their time.

In order to help police find the missing child or teen, parents should contact anyone their child may be with like friends or family members. It also helps to monitor the child’s social media.

“Just be involved in your child’s social media, that’s the biggest thing because kids will often give away what they’re gonna do on social media so have access to your kids social media accounts or they can’t have them,” Lancaster said.

For cases where kids may be having problems at home, Lancaster said the police gets child protective services involved because they have more resources to help.


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