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What would you do? What would you do if you found out you were manipulating your child towards a certain path? Would you continue to force them into what you want them to become and do, or would you back off and let them make their own choice? Do you resent parents that push their kids to do what they want? Do you live vicariously through your children and want them to succeed as you once did or could not? There is no true rule book to parenting, and when and how to push your children to succeed isn’t easy but what would you do if you were pushing them to live your dream? 

Parents Pushing Their Kids to Live Their Dreams and Goals

Credit: Creatas Images

Credit: Creatas Images

While most of us want our kids to succeed and reach heights we couldn’t, pushing our dreams and goals on them isn’t necessarily the way to go. Pushing them and challenging them to push their limits is ok, but when you push your kid into a certain sport, a certain instrument, or a certain art, that they may not be passionate about, it may not be the best for your child or you. They can often come to resent the activity and later in life, it could strain your relationship with your child. While they may want to play with toys, play video games, or color, we often want them to be the star or the best at something we were once good at or perhaps couldn’t be as good as we wanted. 

Parenting in Twin Falls is Tough

Credit: LSOphoto

Credit: LSOphoto

If a child chooses to pursue something, it is ok to practice with them and help them train, but make sure it is what they want and not you. When the two are the same thing, it works out great and can bond a parent with their child in a way that other ways can not. Sometimes parents don’t even know that they are doing this, as watching a sport with your child and yelling and cheering with your child in the room, may make them love the same team and the sport, without you knowing you are influencing them. Perhaps you put on music and let your child dance, and don’t even realize that years later they may want to do musicals or be a dancer. These are great ways for kids to find their passion, but you are impacting them without even knowing it. 

Most parents wonder what their children will grow up and be and what their likes and dislikes will be, but it is our choices and actions that influence them more than we realize. While some parents are obvious and push their kids in a certain direction, often it is little choices that have a big impact you aren’t aware of. The next time you notice your child singing, dancing, playing a sport outside, drawing, or coloring, take notice and ask yourself, did I help inspire that unknowingly? Will you continue to let them follow their passion or push them towards your goals and dreams for them? What would you do? 

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