When you try to help your father and he keeps screaming at you! | #parenting

It’s more comical than scary… to be honest.

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As a parent, there are definitely moments when you feel stressed, a sense of anxiety – sometimes overwhelmed and flustered. The reasons are endless, these moments can be spurred on by pretty much anything and everything. 

So we can all agree that there have been times where you get frustrated with your child or your children, over very minuscule things. In the same way, as kids may get triggered or frustrated with you as a parent. It’s safe to say that we all cope and react to our feelings differently. 

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While some are calm and practice the art of patience, others act out by fussing or screaming at each other. And as usual, this is a judgment-free zone, so whatever works for you.

But when it starts becoming a regular occurrence and our family members aren’t as understanding, that’s when you know you need to start to reflect. Reflect on your stress, and reflect on your approach as a parent because ultimately you are mirroring that energy on your kids. 

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WATCH the video below, courtesy of Twitter

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If you come from this generation then you will have laughed at the way the father and son are bickering in the video. And the truth is this is part of life, it is a rite of passage of sorts. 

When your mother or father scream at you over stuff like this, it may be difficult to believe, but they are doing it from a place of love. The frustration comes in that form because sometimes they’ve just had a rough day. But most of the time, it’s because they want to prepare you and equip you for the day that they won’t be here. 

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Many people reacted to the tweet agreeing that this was similar to what they experienced as kids. But they were able to find the funny side of it and we totally get it.

We only hope that our kids can have memories such as these when they grow up because, let’s be honest, most parenting styles have digressed from our parents’ time. Nevertheless, we appreciate their generation and welcome new and fun ways of being remembered by the next generation. 

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