Where to collect parenting books in Fortnite | #parenting

Want to know where you can collect parenting books in Fortnite? Another week’s worth of legendary challenges has appeared in the quest list for the popular battle royale game, and this season’s quests are starting to show a bit of a pattern. Some weeks have us aid the aliens indirectly, while others have us actively thwart their plans.

This week’s set of legendary challenges are more than a bit suspicious if you ask us, as we’re asked to construct a wooden hatchery, stoke a campfire near these wooden hatcheries, collect records from Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs, and mark an alien egg.

The final task of the legendary challenge list is to collect parenting books from Holly Hatchery and Retail Row. We can only imagine this is so that we know how to be a good parental figure for our new alien parasite hatchlings, as they slowly chew on our faces. We also get a ton of experience to level up the battle pass for those sweet Fortnite skins. So like a good parent would, we’ll help you out with completing this challenge.

Fortnite parenting books locations

The parenting books are stacks of books found on floors. You only need to collect two sets of parenting books to complete the challenge, but there are four parenting books in Holly Hatchery and four in Retail Row.

Holly Hatchery parenting books locations

Here are where to collect the four records in Holly Hatchery:

  • East green house – ground floor near the bookcase
  • Grey brick house in the centre not covered in Nanite – ground floor near the bookcase with the garden gnome on it
  • Northeast brown house – in the garage next to the fridge
  • Northwest yellow house – in the middle of the floor next to a bookcase

All four Fortnite parenting books locations in Retail Row, pinned on the map.

Retail Row parenting books locations

Here are where to collect the four records in Retail Row:

  • Northwest blue house – in the middle of the floor in the living room
  • Inside the western steel cage – head up the slope from the houses to the far west of Retail Row. It’s inside the steel cage near the dumpsters
  • Middle house opposite Taco shop – in the middle of the floor in the living room
  • Inside Book McGuffin’s – middle on the floor next to the till

And that’s where to collect the parenting books in Fortnite. If you want more evidence of the alien influence in Chapter 2 Season 7, you only need to look at the ultra-powerful alien weapons, the abductors that hover above certain towns that send unsuspecting players to the mothership, and the new alien artifacts appearing on a weekly basis to give players more Kymera styles.

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