Who Is TikTok Star Christopher Romero? Details on His Girlfriend & More | #socialmedia | #children

TikTok influencer Christopher Romero is part of the social media collective “Club House For the Boys.” The 19-year-old rising star certainly has a ton of followers (5.4 million to be exact) on the Gen Z app and continues to entertain legions of fans with his funny and entertaining videos. 

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TikTok star Christopher Romero is currently dating Madi Monroe.

If you follow the teen influencer on his personal channels, you’ll see that he regularly shares videos and photos with girlfriend and fellow social media star Madi Monroe. Besties with social media stars like Charli D’Amelio and Nessa Barrett, Madi is also part of a popular TikTok collection known as “Not a Content House.”

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It seems both Christopher and Madi most likely met through mutual TikTok friends and started dating in 2019. They celebrated their one-year anniversary in August of 2020. 

“1 year with my lil beb. I love u more then [sic] words can explain! Idk how u put up with me this long. but I appreciate u sm! u have changed my life in so many ways that I’m forever grateful for,” Christopher captioned an Instagram snap of the happy couple.

The pair are constantly appearing in one another’s TikTok videos, participating in viral dance trends and challenges.

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To celebrate their anniversary, Christopher seemingly decided to get his first collection of tattoos, which featured a shoutout to his girlfriend. Yes, the teen heartthrob got his girlfriend’s name tattooed on his inner lip.

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