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While it does not matter which form of discipline parents choose to go with, it does matter if they are consistent.

Consistency is important when it comes to motherhood, and there are many benefits to being consistent with a routine for the day as well as bedtime. Children thrive off routine, because it lets them know what is coming next and what to expect. Consistency is also important when it comes to discipline. Negative behavior from children needs to be corrected, because they are learning. While it does not matter which form of discipline you choose to go with, it does matter if you are consistent.

According to Parenting Ideas, consistency benefits children because they know what to expect. Even if the consistency means “punishment,” they have a clear understanding of what will happen if they choose to act a certain way. They know that if they fail to listen or hit their sibling, then there is a set discipline coming.

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Understanding It Can Be Hard

It is important to understand that consistency when it comes to discipline can be difficult for mom and dad. Consistency means that parents follow through on every single thing they say and action they decide to follow through on. It can be incredibly tempting to give a child 2 (or even 3) chances before resorting to the disciplinary action, but it is important to not fall into that trap.

When we give our children multiple chances, parents can tend to come down “harder” on their child when they eventually do enforce the rules. This can lead to resentment, and behavior is much easier to handle when it is handled right away, before anyone has a chance to get even more upset.

Knows What To Expect

According to VeryWell Family, it is important for every house to have house rules, and it may even be beneficial to list them out and have them written down somewhere to refer to them. When a house has rules that are absolute, no exceptions, it can make it easier for mom to make sure she is consistent about what is allowed. It is also beneficial for children to see them written down because this lets them know what is expected of them in terms of language and behavior.

House rules also provide structure, and children do best when there is structure in place. Structure can also help when it comes to discipline because it can lessen the amount of times that mom may need to discipline her child. If a day is structured, and every necessary job (e.g. brushing teeth) has a scheduled time, then children grow up knowing what is expected of them and how to act.

Discipline Can Be Good

Discipline is often seen as a negative thing, but it can be positive, and consistency allows it to be seen as a positive. According to Baby Centre, when there is consistency, a child is given confidence to explore and learn about the world around them. They are secure in knowing what is allowed and what is not allowed, and this lets them know that they are in a safe and predictable space. It is also important that this consistency is an ongoing process, and not something that is started the day before a big event because mom is worried her child might act out. If consistency is kept a part of discipline and made a part of everyday life, the easier it is going to be on mom and the child.

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