Why Tenley Molzahn Is Calling Out ‘Parenting Police’ After Being Mom-Shamed | #parenting

Bachelor alum Tenley Molzahn, who just gave birth to her first child, is calling out the ‘parenting police’ and those who mommy shame.

Former Bachelor alum Tenley Molzahn is already experiencing the “parenting police” and mom-shamers just two weeks after giving birth to her first child. The mother of one is now clapping back at the haters.

Fans of The Bachelor were first introduced to Tenley when she appeared on Jake Pavelka’s season. The former reality star was runner-up during Pavelka’s season, losing to Vienna Girardi. She later appeared on spin-off shows Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise. Since she appeared on BIP, Tenley hadn’t done much within Bachelor Nation and not too long later met her now husband, Taylor Leopold. Now the couple is embarking on their new journey into parenthood.

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Tenley is speaking out against mommy shamers in a recent Instagram post. The Bachelor alum posted a picture of her holding her daughter in a wrap around her. “My goodness, I knew it was a thing, and I was prepared to be presented with it — but it’s NASTY and the shamers are brutal,” the 36-year-old wrote of the cruel comments she has been receiving in the photo’s caption. “I can actually hear the judgements right now with this photo because you can’t see my baby’s nose and mouth,” she added. The former reality star revealed that there is nothing she and husband, Taylor, wouldn’t do to keep their daughter, Rell, out of harm’s way. Tenley concluded her statement by saying how she loves getting to share her daughter with her fans, but the negativity has to stop. “Because we’re in this for the long haul and there’s nothing greater than getting to share our little love with all of you…But I don’t ever want to have to defend myself on people’s assumptions … And I don’t want the negativity or the shaming to steal our joy…That’s as negative as I ever want to get on here!” Clearly Tenley is over her followers telling her how to mother her daughter and just wants to show off her adorable daughter.

It was confirmed last month that the happy couple had welcomed their newborn daughter. “We’ve been completely captivated and swept off our feet in love with our precious baby girl,” Tenley wrote of the new addition to the family. “Please meet our little beauty, Rell Jaymes Leopold,” she added introducing her little girl to her followers. Back in March is when the couple revealed that they were expecting their first child together after getting married just 2 years prior. Tenley had documented her whole pregnancy journey on social media, from giving the fans baby bump updates to details on her pregnancy symptoms. Now her baby is here and she can update her fans with sweet pictures of baby Rell.

Mommy shamers and the parenting police need to stop coming for new moms who are just trying to navigate through this journey of parenthood. Tenley and other new moms are already having a tough time and don’t need negative opinions constantly thrown at them, especially when it comes to their parenting.

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Sources: Us Weekly, Tenley Molzahn

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