Woller named Student of the Week | #students | #parents

Washington Elementary School fifth grader Natalia Woller was named Student of the Week for the week of Mar. 11, 2021. Natalia is the daughter of Matt and Becky Woller.
Teachers Mrs. Novitch and Mrs. Reiche nominated her saying, “Natalia is a hard worker and always gives her best. She leads by example. She has several leadership roles at Washington Elementary School. She is an active member of the student council and has the role of classroom clerk. Her efficiency, effort, and respectfulness while in these roles is something to be commended. Natalia is a positive member of Team Awesome!”
Natalia’s favorite subject in school is writing. She has many stories to write and share. She enjoys being a member of the student council because she likes coming up, with new ideas and working to make school even better. Natalia would like to go into the military when she is older because she said she wants to fight for what is right.

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