Wollongong, Sydney university students to protest fee hikes under the government’s Job-ready Graduates Package | The Canberra Times | #students | #parents

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Student leaders around the country are fuming after the Morrison government’s Job-ready Graduates Package passed through the senate, as fees will more than double for some tertiary courses. Wollongong students, south of Sydney, will join forces with activists at the University of Sydney activists on Wednesday to protest the legislation, which would see a Bachelor of Arts increase by 113 per cent to around $14,500. “I think it’s pretty outrageous that this law is going through and it has been passed by politicians, most of whom got their education for free,” said Robin Pierson UOW Student Association Education Officer. “It’s an attack on students – telling us we have to pay for this looming economic crisis. “The rich will be able to afford to study whatever they like, they can afford to do double the debt … while working class students won’t be able to afford those opportunities.” Under the scheme, expected areas of job growth – like science, architecture, teaching, nursing, agriculture and maths – will have fees slashed. READ MORE: But for courses which are not a government national priority – like law, commerce, communications and arts – will see an increase in fees from 2021. Protests will also take place this week in Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne.


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