Woman says teen neighbor terrorized her, forced her out home

ATLANTA – A woman says she was forced out of her southwest Atlanta home because her neighbor was terrorizing her.

Chenise Hamilton said she and her 6-year-old son have not been home since Aug. 8.

“I can’t go home,” she said. “I can’t take my kid back to that house. I don’t know what this person is capable of.”

Hamilton is afraid of her teenage neighbor, who she said is seen on surveillance video keying her car, stealing property from her home and pointing a gun at her cameras.

“I am honestly scared for mine and my child’s life,” Hamilton said.

The mother said it started July 20 while she was on vacation. She logged into her surveillance system from her cellphone and saw the teen allegedly keying the passenger side of her car.

Hamilton said her calls to the Atlanta Police Department did not stop him. Four days later, her cameras caught the teen showing his mother the damage to the car.

In the video, the teen shows his mother the driver’s side of the car and she proceeds to scream obscenities while her son flips off the camera.

On Aug. 2, video appears to show the teen stealing Hamilton’s trash can.

Two days later, Hamilton filed a protective order against the teen and his mother, but that didn’t stop him from returning. He was then seen pointing a gun at the camera.

Hamilton said she was fed up and called Atlanta police, demanding they press charges after the first responding officer ignored her request.

The APD said it had a warrant out for the teen’s arrest Tuesday. He was taken into custody Wednesday.

When reached for comment, the teen’s mother, who is a high school teacher, said she had nothing to say.

Hamilton said she wants to know why it took police a week to arrest the teen.

“I have been to precincts crying. I have cried to the detective, she said. “I have cried at work.”

Atlanta police said once they were made aware of Hamilton’s concerns, an assistant Zone 4 commander contacted her.

The department released a statement which said in part: “He worked to secure a warrant for the juvenile’s arrest, which occurred today. We hope Ms. Hamilton is pleased with the outcome and encourage her to reach out to us if she still has further concerns.”

The teen has been charged with felony aggravated stalking.