Woman shares feelings of pain following friend’s death in gun violence | #specialneeds | #kids

KENDALLVILLE, Ind. (WPTA21) – It’s an emotional time for Cindy O’Fallon of Noble County who lost a close friend last week in what police are characterizing as a domestic violence homicide.

59-year old Joyce Carwile was shot last Friday inside her Fort Wayne home and her husband is charged with murder.

O’Fallon is grief-stricken and worries what will happen to Carwile’s special needs daughter.

“Joyce was just a wonderful person, who did not deserve to be ended this way,” O’Fallon said.

O’Fallon shed tears as she recalled Carwile’s positive outlook on life and her dedication to caring for her daughter Patty.

March 19, Carwile scurried to a neighbor’s house on Alverado Drive seeking help.

When the neighbor asked what was wrong, Carwile answered, “My husband shot me.”

Carwile died at the hospital.

David Carwile II is now jailed on a murder charge.

Police say when they pulled David Carwile over a few blocks from the crime scene, the special needs daughter was in the car with him, and he handed over a piece of paper to officers with specific instructions on how to care for the daughter.

The night before the shooting, officers came to the couple’s house after Joyce Carwile called a police dispatcher, reporting that they had been arguing.

At one point, she told police her husband had looked at her and said, “I wish you were dead.”

Joyce Carwile told her sister-in-law the morning of the shooting that David Carwile had a gun, and that she had hidden it to try and protect herself.

Police found a .22 caliber handgun during a search of the home after the fatal shooting.

O’Fallon and Joyce Carwile worked together for about a dozen years at a Salvation Army adult rehab center on Fairfield Avenue in downtown Fort Wayne.

She says Carwile’s whole world revolved around the daughter who had heart and breathing problems, as well as other developmental disabilities.

Shortly before the shooting, O’Fallon says she got a text message from Carwile.

“I’ve been so busy working a lot of hours and I didn’t get back to her and it plagued me that she was going to tell me something that Dave had been doing and I feel guilty because I just didn’t get a chance to talk to her. And she was there for me constantly. I just can’t believe something terrible like this would happen to her,” O’Fallon said.

O’Fallon is haunted by thoughts of who might be caring for the special needs daughter, now that her mom and dad are no longer able to.

A source who works with endangered adult clients told us earlier this week that careful pre-planning done by Joyce Carwile helped ensure that the daughter was connected with short-term emergency care.

The Bureau of Developmental Disability Services, which has an office in Fort Wayne, will play a key role in providing long-term care in this case.

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