Women’s Self-Defense : Self-Defense for Women: Stranger Danger

Most women who know how important self-defense is make sure they truly know who a person is before getting alone or secluded with them. Get self-defense tips…


15 thoughts on “Women’s Self-Defense : Self-Defense for Women: Stranger Danger

  1. Anderasio

    @soapage That’s because there’s a far greater chance the guy who attacked
    you will run off when he sees your gun.

  2. Anderasio

    And I guess that the assailant is just gonna ignore getting a gun in his
    face, right? Also, where did this “high percentage” of yours come from?

  3. Anderasio

    First of all, I didn’t mention MTV. Second of all, if you’re carrying, it’s
    probably best to either carry with one in the chamber and safe on, or empty
    chamber and safety off. Of course with a Glock you could carry one in the
    chamber (since it doesn’t have any exterior safety). A huge part of
    preventing a mugging, is to be prepared and pay attention (hence the name
    of the video). I don’t know about you, but I don’t just stand around in
    creepy alleyways waiting for someone to assault me.

  4. Anderasio

    TV shows are not reality. And since everybody is so afraid of shooting, I
    guess the rapist would just ignore having a gun to his face?

  5. MRmagic11111

    Stranger Danger, pft, a larger percentage of assaults come from people the
    person already knows.