Woodland Hills Charter School Students Attack Girl After Party – CBS Los Angeles | #students | #parents

WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA) — A disturbing video shared on social media shows a group of local high school students turning on a 17-year-old girl after a weekend party.

“I had boys kicking me, I had girls kicking me,” Zebrina, the victim, said. “It was horrible.”

Cell phone video shows the violent attack with several high school students attacking Zebrina.

“I had a concussion,” she said. “My left eye over my eyebrow was bruised really badly, I had scratches on my face, my glasses were ripped, my jeans were soiled. I had mud all over them.”

Zebrina said the attack happened Saturday night when she was leaving a party in Woodland Hills. She said she was on her way to meet her mother when she was attacked.

“They had problems with my friend, so I guess I was guilty by association,” she said. “They thought maybe I deserved this by being friends with who I was friends with.”

Zebrina said everyone involved in the video is a student at El Camino Real Charter High School.

“She’s a loving kid, a very caring kid,” Zennia, Zebrina’s mother, said. “And I can’t understand why they would do this to her.”

Zennia said she was outraged by what happened and has filed a police report and reported the incident to school officials.

“I want the school to address it,” she said. “I want them to let these kids know that you cannot do this. You cannot go around and beat up on kids, abuse them and go back to school as if nothing happened. There have got to be consequences.”

Zebrina said all of the students in the video were still in school as of this week.

“I just want them to know, this is not how things work,” she said. “You don’t do things and just think you are going to get away with it.”

Officials with the school were not immediately available for comment.

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