York man arrested for abducting and throwing one-year-old on the street | #childabductors

On Nov. 22, Kirk Caldwell, 24, was arrested on multiple charges including endangering the welfare of a child, possessing a firearm, and simple assault.

YORK, Pa. — Police arrested a York man Monday night after he tried to kidnap a one-year-old child and threatened the baby’s mother with a firearm.

On. Nov. 22 around 7: 30 p.m., police were dispatched to the 20th block of S. George Street in York County for a report of an abduction.

According to authorities, once police spotted 24-year-old Kirk Caldwell holding the one-year-old in his arms, they advised him to stop. Caldwell then proceeded to throw the child down on the street and run.

Police say he emptied a plastic bag with two grinders onto the sidewalk and then ran across S. George Street, while being chased by one trooper on foot and one in a patrol vehicle.

Next, Caldwell ran west down W. Market Street and north down Cherry Lane. While running through Cherry Lane Park, he ditched his burgundy 9mm handgun into a trash can and continued to run, police state.

Police spoke with the mother of the one-year-old, Lindy McDonald, who claimed herself and Caldwell are the child’s parents. She confirmed they are no longer in a relationship.

According to McDonald, Caldwell wanted to meet her on the 20th block of S. George Street to discuss the abortion she was supposed to get, but didn’t go through with it. 

Once McDonald arrived, Caldwell pulled his daughter from the car and went inside a Cricket Mobile, where he works, locking the door behind him. Caldwell then went back out to McDonald’s car to grab the baby’s items, a police report stated.

As Caldwell was grabbing the baby’s things, McDonald tried to pull the baby into the front seat of the car, but Caldwell grabbed the child back and pulled out his handgun, stating he would “violate” her if she tried to stop him, according to the report.

Caldwell then took the child back into the store with McDonald following behind him and locked them all inside. When McDonald tried to leave the store, Caldwell punched her in the face. She was able to leave and call police once Caldwell walked into the back of the store, police state.

Caldwell is currently being held at York County Prison. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 7 at 9 a.m.

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