Young and Kasthuri should not be on Berkeley Heights Board of Education | #Education

Dear Editor, I see that we have two candidates running a joint campaign for Berkeley Heights Board of Education. They are Joy Young and Ramya Kasthuri. Ms. Kasthuri has not voted in any of the last 31 elections held in Berkeley Heights. Voting is a civic duty and is usually the final act of a deliberative process of sifting though public information about the candidates and their positions. I find it very odd that someone who has not shown any interest in doing that for 12 years has suddenly decided to run for school board. Moreover, she submitted to the Board of Education some demands for policy changes that included racial preferences and quotas. For example, she wants one black female and one black male on every parent advisory board. She wants a Black Advisory Board to set benchmarks for schools. This is likely to lead to reduced control of the schools by the elected officials and appointed administrators. She wants immediate suspension and loss of school sponsored activities for students who engage in First Amendment protected speech that she does not like. She wants hiring quotas for teachers with a goal of 5% black teachers. She wants hiring of search firms for black candidates. Presumably, her running mate Joy Young agrees with these positions. Accordingly, neither one of these candidates is suitable for the Berkeley Heights school board. Sincerely, Thomas Foregger

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