Youth Activists From Queens Fight Child Poverty in Bangladesh | #students | #parents

Since its founding two years ago, Efforts in Youth Development in Bangladesh (EYDB) has raised approximately $5,000 to fight poverty and child labor.

Adi Talwar

Rising high school senior Jahin Rahman near her home in Queens Village. Rahman holding a letter from The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis informing her of her selection as a Power of Children 2020 awardee. Efforts in Youth Development of Bangladesh a non-profit founded by Rahman provides educational support to poor children in Bangladesh.

At the age of eight, Jahin Rahman left her multigenerational household in Bangladesh to pursue more opportunities in America. Now, at 16, she’s a senior at Academy of American Studies in Long Island City and the award-winning founder of Efforts in Youth Development in Bangladesh (EYDB), a New York City student-led organization that seeks to alleviate child poverty by providing quality educational opportunities and resources for at-risk Bangladeshi youth. 

The group has raised approximately $5,000 since its founding two years ago, from awards and through grassroots fundraising, which included canvassing on the subway after school for donations—equipped with posters, signs, and a donation cup. With that money, they’ve built a library with over 250 books, opened a computer lab, and plan to partner with a garment factory to help build a child-care facility and establish a literacy program. 

Since the start of the pandemic, EYDB has pivoted to provide relief for families in Bangladesh, where the economy has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, including a decline in both exports out of the country and in remittances being sent back home from Bangladeshis living abroad, according to the International Monetary Fund. Rahman and her volunteers, many of them fellow city high-school students, have provided funding to cover the costs of month-long supplies and rations for more than 20 families. 

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