Youth kills 12-year-old boy, demands ransom of Rs 5L | #childabductors

Kolkata: A youth has been arrested for allegedly murdering a 12-year-old boy after abducting him for a ransom at Joynagar in South 24-Parganas.

According to sources, the minor of Sreepur in Joynagar had gone missing from Friday afternoon. Before leaving his house the boy told his parents that he is going to trap some birds with their neighbour Manirul Sheikh alias Bhola.

On Saturday morning the boy’s elder brother received a SMS on his mobile where the sender claimed to have abducted his brother. In the SMS the family members of the boy were instructed to reach Diamond Harbour area with Rs 5 lakh as ransom to save their child. Immediately the parents of the 12-year-old boy lodged a complaint at the Joynagar police station. Few moments later police went to the area where the child lived and started questioning his neighbours. Seikh was also interrogated. But he claimed to be

unaware about it and started looking for the boy along with police. In the evening, police managed to track the mobile phone tower location of the number using which the ransom SMS was sent. Police found it at Seikh’s house.

On Saturday night Seikh and his family members were detained and brought to the police station. There during interrogation Seikh confessed that he killed the boy due to fear of getting identified.

But Seikh had sent the SMS after he killed the boy. Sources informed that Seikh told the cops that he killed the boy on

Friday afternoon and threw the boy in a dense bush near his home.

Police claimed that Seikh had a huge amount of debt and was in need of money. So to clear his debts he planned to gather

money in this way. He was later arrested.

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