ZEPETO strengthens its child abuse protection policy and feature. | #childabuse | #children | #kids

Naver Z strengthens the reporting feature within ZEPETO.

ZEPETO actively protects its users by updating the reporting function in the app, introducing anti-grooming technology, and launching official safety signs.

Naver Z announced that the entire ZEPETO reporting menu within the app, such as Feed, Profile, World, and Chat, has been significantly and intuitively improved per the newly updated community guidelines.

ZEPETO has further expanded reporting options, including ‘safety of minors,” ‘harassment and bullying,” and ‘hateful behavior.”

In addition, the service has moved severe violations such as ‘safety of minors’ and ‘suicide and self-harm’ to the top of the reporting menu for faster reporting.

In addition, this update includes concise and easy-to-understand wording that users of all ages can understand.

In addition, ZEPETO provides a link to a post in the Customer Center with information about cybercrime investigation requests, copyright infringement reporting, suicide, and self-harm prevention, and provides a user blocking feature at the same time as reporting.

ZEPETO provides detailed explanations of community policy violations to both reported and reported users.

This measure is based on research showing that when users who have been sanctioned are provided with detailed explanations of reported matters, the re-offending rate decreases.

Naver Z is working with various organizations such as;

  • In Hope, an international network organization for online child and youth protection
  • Techcoalition, a global coalition of companies to eradicate sexual exploitation
  • Contact Safer, a child and youth safety education consultancy
  • Safety, which supports the worldwide community of collaboration with various international organizations such as the TSPA (Trust and Safety Professional Association), which comprises experts, user protection is considered a top priority.

In addition, anti-grooming chat technology was introduced in collaboration with Thorn, which scans conversations on the topic of grooming.

This non-profit organization develops technology and programs to protect children and young people from sexual exploitation and abuse.

Early indicators of grooming are quickly identified, and a dedicated team takes rigorous action against these accounts.

In addition, professional technology and workforce are mobilized to detect and eliminate child and adolescent sexual exploitation through automated detection methods and experienced moderators.

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